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ShowDocument is the place where people meet to work together, discuss and share files and documents.
The platform is available for free but as a signed up user you get additional useful features such as more time and dedicated meeting room.
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Upload documents and files on the fly Upload and mark together PDF, Word, Power Point, Text files, and jpg for discussion and save comments to PDF
Upload YouTube videos and share Share YouTube Videos with others.
Share and write Test together Write and edit text file together at the same time and save in text format.
Share the same whiteboard Work together on the same whiteboard
Share Google Map Share and work together on a Google Map
Use chat communication while in session
Use session up to 60 minutes  
Upload and save documents on Server. upload up to 10 documents so sessions can take place from anywhere.  
Dedicate meeting room. Get own dedicated URL for meeting which can be shared with others.  
Cost FREE for private use only FREE for private and commercial use
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